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The iMKT web server

iMKTis a web-based service performing four types of McDonald and Kreitman tests (MKT). It allows the detection and estimation of four selection regimes (adaptive, neutral, strongly deleterious and weakly deleterious) acting on protein-coding DNA sequences. The purpose of this tool is twofold. First, it provides a simple interface to analyze user’s own population genomic data. Second, taking advantage of the copious information gathered in our previous population genome browsers, PopFly and PopHuman, it offers a fast tool to estimate the different selective regimes on thousands of Drosophila and human protein-coding genes on several worldwide populations.

MKT methods
Description of the four types of McDOnald and Kreitmant test implemented in the web server.
Standard MKT

FWW correction

Extended MKT

Asymptotic MKT

Drosophila and human data: Description of the Drosophila and human data available at the web server.

Population genomics pipeline: Description of the pipeline developed.

iMKT R package
iMKT R package: Download the iMKT R package to perform analyses in your R environment.

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